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Parts & Services Provided By Hydraulic repair & hose inc.

Our parts and services at Hydraulic Repair & Hose Inc. include hydraulics, pneumatics, material handling, and power transmissions. Located in Islip, NY, we provide our parts and services regionally and nationwide. It’s important for your operation to have reliable hydraulic parts ingrained within it. This is why we only source high-quality components from trusted manufacturers for our clients.


Our selection of hydraulic pumps is carefully curated to meet the needs of your operation. Whether you require fixed displacement pumps or the ability to adjust flow rates with variable displacement pumps, we have you covered. We work with reputable manufacturers we trust to ensure the pumps perform optimally.


Whether you need standard hydraulic hoses, specialized options for specific applications, or custom hose assemblies, we can help. Contact us today to explore our range of hoses and keep your hydraulic systems operating at their best.


We provide a large variety of cylinders that are designed for durability and reliability so you can have peace of mind. Whether you need single-acting or double-acting cylinders, we have the solutions to meet your needs, or we will help you find them.


It’s necessary to have efficient flow control for optimal hydraulic system performance. Different types of vales have different uses. They can regulate pressure, direction, or flow. With Hydraulic Repair & Hose Inc. products and services, you can ensure control and efficiency with your hydraulic systems.

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